Honoring the past while BUILDING the future

The Hall of Fame inducts notable individuals who have made contributions to the study of the brain and biofeedback.  In order to be inducted, an individual’s contributions must have been recognized for more than one decade, and provided that individual with singular distinction in the field.

The 2009 inductees are (in no particular order)

Pioneered EEG biofeedback instrumentation, particularly for synchrony training, and co-author of the book “Mind Fitness Training”

Inducted: 2009

First to discover subjective correlates to alpha waves, and the ability of subjects to discern when they were in the alpha state.  Went on to study voluntary control and operant learning of the alpha wave in humans.

Inducted: 2009


Originator of the “brain driver” concept and the use of subliminal stimuli.  Worked and taught at Harvard Medical School, and developed many procedures and devices for biofeedback assessment and treatment

Inducted: 2009

Discovered EEG operant conditioning in cats, went on to study pilots, and discern the “concentration/relaxation” cycle, and the use of EEG biofeedback for epilepsy.  The “Sterman” protocol continues to be a mainstay in the field.

Inducted: 2009

Inventor of the “twilight trainer” and pioneer in emg and  alpha and theta training.  Tom and Helen co-edited the book “QEEG and Neurofeedback,” with Evans and Abarbanal

Inducted: 2009

Adam crane

Barry sterman

Paul swingle

Joe kamiya

Tom budzynski


Did pioneering work in EEG biofeedback for ADD/ADHD, and QEEG.  With his wife Judith, he has developed assessment and treatment methods that have become essential foundations to the field.

Inducted: 2009

Joel lubar

Pioneered DC and Slow Cortical potential work, and in the area of brain-controlled interfaces.  His studies anticipated the rest of the world by decades.

Inducted: 2009

Neils birbaumer

German psychiatrist who discovered human EEG in 1929, and immediately identified the alpha and beta waves.  His recordings were made with an Eindhoven “string galvanometer” produced by Siemens Corp.

Inducted: 2009

Hans berger

Originator of the Open Focus concept, and developer of many generations of alpha synchrony trainers and photic reinforcement devices.  Pioneered “couples” biofeedback, and therapeutic methods, with his wife Susan.

Inducted: 2009

Les fehmi