How to Download and Install the BrainAvatar Muse Mood Software

  1. Pair your Muse: the brain-sensing headband with your computer
    Follow the User's Manual that came with your Muse. In short, you need to make sure that Bluetooth is turned on. Charge it using the USB cable. Then discconnect the USB cable. Press the power switch for six seconds to put the Muse in pairing mode. In the Bluetooth preferences on your computer, choose to pair the device. BrainMaster Muse Mood operates on PC and MAC, but not yet on smart devices using iOS or Android. NOTE: If you have paired your Muse with a smart device to use Calm or another app, you must turn off that device so that it's radio is not active when you want to use your PC or MAC. The Muse can pair with only one host at a time, and will hunt for available smart devices and PC's. It will always try to connect to the last host it was paired with.

  2. Download and Install the Interaxon Muse Core SDK Software
    For the Windows OS: Download this bundle
    For the Mac OS: Download this bundle
    Once you have downloaded, click on the installer and choose to install in the default location.

  3. Make sure you have Java installed on your computer
    If you have a Mac, chances are that you already have Java installed. If you have Windows, you may need to download and install the Java Runtime Environment. In either case, you can get a copy of Java from Oracle over at this website. Again, just use the default installation when prompted.

  4. Download and Install the BrainAvatar Muse Mood Software
    For the Windows OS: Download this file
    For the Mac OS: Download this file
    Save the file to your Desktop or another convenient location. Click on the icon to launch the app.
    Click here to download the Muse Mood Manual
Helpful Hints
It can sometimes take a few seconds for Bluetooth to make a connection. Whenever you use the app, make sure that Bluetooth is on, then make sure the Muse is turned on (just use normal use mode - not pairing mode.) After 10 seconds or so, launch the BrainAvatar Muse Mood App.

The first time you use the app, it will prompt you to register so that all the functionality will be available to use. To register, you will need an authorization code from BrainMaster. If you have purchased BrainAvatar Muse Mood, you will have been given an authorization code. To purchase BrainAvatar Muse Mood, please send an email to or go directly to:BrainAvatar Muse Mood at BrainMaster Store Without an authorization code, you can still use the basic demonstration feature.

The app has a help feature built-in to answer questions, or you can download a PDF of the instruction manual.

Thanks for downloading the BrainAvatar Muse Mood!
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Not a medical product. BrainAvatar Muse Mood is not intended to diagnose or treat any disorder.